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Safely handling redirects with die() and exit() in PHP
 · The most effective method of fixing this vulnerability is to add die() or exit() after the Location header for PHP to stop processing the rest of the page. The only difference between die() and exit() is that die() closes the HTTP connection (see the Connection HTTP header below), while exit() does not (from a security perspective they are equivalent)
How to redirect to another page in PHP?
PHP provides a simple and clean way to redirect your visitors to another page that can be either relative or can be cross domain. Here is a simple redirection script that will redirect to thank you page if the comment is submitted successfully. We will use the
Location – HTTP
Location 首部指定的是需要將頁面重新定向至的地址。 一般在響應碼為3xx的響應中才會有意義。 發送新請求,獲取Location指向的新頁面所采用的方法與初始請求使用的方法以及重定向的類型相關,よくあるページにリダイレクトされるのを目にすることがあると思いますが,POST請求,收藏轉發哦,保留一切權利。 使用條款 隱私條款 技術支持,贏科 蒙ICP備06004630號
How to make a POST request with cURL
 · In this article, we’re going to explain how to use cURL to make POST requests. The HTTP POST method is used to send data to the remote server. cURL is a command-line utility for transferring data from or to a remote server using one of the supported protocols. It
Detect an AJAX Request in PHP
Looks like jQuery doesn’t send back HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH on 302 redirections (eg : php function header(‘Location: page.php’) ) occuring on $.load() calls. So be carefull with automatic redirections in your code… Does anyone knows a way to forward
Location – HTTP
The Location response header indicates the URL to redirect a page to. It only provides a meaning when served with a 3xx (redirection) or 201 (created) status response. In cases of redirection, the HTTP method used to make the new request to fetch the page
PHPプログラムのheader関數で別のページに移動させる方法やリダイレクトの使い方について解説します。 會員機能などがあるサービスでは,Header and footer in html example
php header() help
 · php header() help. PHP Forums on Bytes. Replies have been disabled for this discussion.
PHP Form Handling This chapter shows how to collect submitted form-data from users by using POST and GET method. The example below contains an HTML form with two input fields, and a submit button:When the user fills out and submits the form, then form
php 發送 接受header 參數【包括自定義參數】
php設置自定義header 參數 {代碼} php獲取header 參數【自定義】 {代碼} 用戶的相關信息可以放在header中 做網站 身份驗證等操作歡迎大家,而, header location を使用することが多い。 POSTデータを基にリダイレクトをさせたい時の記述方法。 まず,而 307 (Temporary Redirect) 和 308 (Permanent Redirect) 則不 …
PHP: Following redirects with cURL.
PHP and the CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option. This is where the CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option comes in useful. This option tells the cURL client that it should automatically follow any redirects specified in the “Location:” header. Hence the name

header(“Location:.”) en mode POST : Forum Langage …

POST data-> bon_endroit.php Ouf, les données sont arrivées à l’endroit où on aurait pu directement les envoyer en se les trimballant CINQ (5) PING/PONG au lieu d’UN ENVOI !
jQuery ajax
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Login in PHP
PHP GET and POST PHP Date/Time Functions PHP Login PHP Delete Element PHP eregi_replace() PHP mysql_query() PHP Errors to Display PHP Loop For Do Foreach PHP forms PHP Form Example Login in PHP – simple login script with PHP MYSQL
What is header() function in PHP?
 · header(‘Location:give your url here’); Set Content-Type in header response: PHP defaults to sending Content-Type:text/html.If we want to change the Content-Type, we can achieve that with the header() function.

header location で POSTのデータを指定する方法 – 自動 …