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elliptical galaxy的用法,銀河 3.[C] 一群才子,請耐心等待 百科 百科 本詞條由網民共同創作并享有版權 360百科 訪問電腦版 糾錯反饋 1 / 1 更多圖片 主要演員 作品視頻

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滬江詞庫精選elliptical galaxy是什么意思,Spiral galaxy Messier 106. Stock Photograph | rit100008s | Fotosearch


中文名 橢圓星系 外文名 Elliptical galaxy 分類 河外星系 正在加載,英語單詞推薦,elliptical galaxy的中文翻譯及音標,電影明星 Galaxy 銀河系 n.

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中文 Read Aloud #40 Galaxy One of the unidentifiable objects in this study lies just outside Centaurus A (NGC 5128), an elliptical galaxy located about 12 million light-years from Earth. The other is in a globular cluster of stars found just outside NGC 4636,
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中文 首頁 English Homepage 清華大學首頁 清大天文臺 資訊分類清單 關於天文所 elliptical galaxies, galaxy clusters, intracluster light, globular clusters, warm dark matter, neutral hydrogen observations and deep optical imaging techniques. I co-lead a a next

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elliptical elliptical galaxy elliptic differential equation 在中文中 英文- 中文字典 elliptic differential equation 翻譯 elliptic differential equation 加 橢圓型偏微分方程 wikidata 顯示算法生成的翻譯 例子 加 干 比賽 所有 精確 任何
elliptic galaxy
elliptic galaxy elliptinen galaksi active galaxy aktiivinen galaksi andromeda galaxy Andromedan galaksi blackeye galaxy Mustasilmä-galaksi dwarf galaxy kääpiögalaksi elliptic elliptinen elliptic compasses ellipsiharppi elliptical galaxy elliptinen galaksi galaxy
Surprise: Small elliptical galaxy actually a giant disk
Astronomers have believed since the 1960s that a galaxy dubbed UGC 1382 was a relatively boring, small elliptical galaxy. Now, using a series of multi-wavelength surveys, astronomers, including
M87 Galaxy and its Massive Jet
按一下以在 Bing 上檢視2:28 · The giant Messier 87 (M87) is the most spectacular elliptical galaxy we can see from Earth. What makes this galaxy so fascinating is its black-hole-powered j
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Vectores gratis Elliptical Galaxy en AI, SVG, EPS y CDR | También encuentra imágenes gratis de galaxia o tablet samsung galaxy en +73.061 ilustraciones. 21 vectores gratis de Elliptical Galaxy en AI, SVG, EPS o CDR

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An elliptical galaxy luminosity function and velocity dispersion sample of relevance for gravitational lensing statistics Yu-Chung N. Cheng, Lawrence M. Krauss Aug 1999 – 18 pages New Astron. 6 (2001) 249-263 DOI: 10.1016/S1384-1076(01)00047-1 CWRU-P28

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ClipArt Elliptical Galaxy gratuito in AI, SVG, EPS e CDR | Puoi anche trovare immagini gratuite di galassia o samsung tablet galaxy tra +73.061 vettoriali. 21 Immagini gratuite di clipart Elliptical Galaxy in AI, SVG, EPS o CDR
 · elliptical (comparative more elliptical, superlative most elliptical) In a shape of, or reminding of, an ellipse; oval. 1876, Edward Roth (translator), All Around the Moon, Chapter XIX, Having admitted that the projectile was describing an orbit around the moon, this
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 · From left to right are edge-on spiral NGC 5981, elliptical galaxy NGC 5982, and face-on spiral NGC 5985 — all within this single telescopic field of view spanning a …
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elliptical galaxy Before Mariner 10, astronomers thought that the planet simply revolved around the Sun in a highly elliptical orbit. قبل مارينر 10، اعتقد الفلكيون أن الكوكب يدور ببساطة حول الشمس في مدار إهليلجي للغاية.
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 · lenticular galaxy type of galaxy Upload media Wikipedia Subclass of galaxy Follows spiral galaxy Followed by elliptical galaxy Authority control Q192078 GND ID: 4253889-0 BabelNet ID: 02546982n Reasonator PetScan Scholia Statistics OpenStreetMap
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Because elliptical galaxies contain older stars and less gas than spiral galaxies, it seems that the galaxy types represent part of a natural evolution: As spiral galaxies age, interact, and merge
,翻譯elliptical galaxy是什么意思 galaxy n. 1.[C] 星系 2.[the Galaxy][sing] 銀河系,顯赫的人,美女