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Using Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms
The use of AI technology – machines and algorithms – to make predictions, recommendations, or decisions has enormous potential to improve welfare and productivity. But it also presents risks, such as the potential for unfair or discriminatory outcomes or the perpetuation of …
Algorithms and AI
Primer: AI, algorithms, and machine learning AI relies on applying algorithms to data. An algorithm is simply a set of instructions that can take an input and generate some sort of output. Some algorithms are manually written. In such cases, it should be theoretically
AI & Algorithms
pandoIQ’s AI-enabled algorithms m ake enterprise Talent Acquisition easier and more efficient than ever. Not only do these clever algorithms automate processes and take on the grunt work to save your team valuable time, but they also make better-than-human decisions on the spot using terabytes of data, machine-learning, and AI to make sure you get the most from your job advertising spend.
A Guided Tour of Artificial Intelligence Research
AI Algorithms) – the third volume, composed of sixteen chapters, describes the main interfaces and applications of AI (Volume 3. Interfaces and applications of AI). This second volume presents the main families of algorithms developed or used in AI to learn, to

Medical Diagnostic Systems Using Artificial Intelligence …

Medical Diagnostic Systems Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms: Principles and Perspectives Abstract: Disease diagnosis is the identification of an health issue, disease, disorder, or other condition that a person may have. Disease diagnoses could be
AI, algorithms, fairness and bias
Let’s get it out there at the outset, there is nothing artificial about Artificial Intelligence, it is a human artefact, and as such subject to the faults and failings (aka biases and prejudices) of its human developers. If we hold this single truth in mind when thinking about all things AI, we may well end up in a much better place. This […]
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From an AI Algorithm to a FAIR and Robust AI Algorithm It’s a long challenging journey from an AI algorithm to an AI product. These days there is a lot of focus on removing the bias of many AI algorithms, which is absolutely critical, but just one of the many things that must be done to go from an AI algorithm to an AI product.
Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself
Artificial intelligence is evolving all by itself By Edd Gent Apr. 13, 2020 , 11:20 AM Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving—literally. Researchers have created software that borrows concepts

Researchers are developing an “interpretable” AI …

 · Researchers are developing an “interpretable” AI algorithm April 4, 2021 Bulletin 0 Comments Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Blogger

AI Bias: When Algorithms Go Bad

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AI algorithms: New frontier or legal quagmire?

AI promises also to make flying and riding trains and buses faster and less dangerous by using algorithms to predict delays or even eliminate the need for pilots or drivers. Algorithms also promise to make the legal profession more efficient by automating much of the work that lawyers and their researchers and assistants do.
AI in public sector
Easily explained algorithms can be critical in encouraging the adoption of an AI application, ensuring that stakeholders understand how and why decisions are reached. In our experience, AI and machine learning are most valuable when used to support, and not substitute for, human decision making—and to enable the same humans to understand the rationale behind the algorithm’s recommendations.
The AI Transparency Paradox
Call it AI’s “transparency paradox” — while generating more information about AI might create real two popular techniques used to explain so-called black box algorithms, could be

AI Weekly: Algorithms, accountability, and regulating Big …

 · AI Weekly: Algorithms, accountability, and regulating Big Tech Khari Johnson @kharijohnson March 26, 2021 1:38 PM Image Credit: REUTERS From TikTok to Instagram, how’s your creative working for
FDA Cleared AI Algorithms
FDA Cleared AI Algorithms Our list of FDA cleared AI algorithms provides valuable details on each model, bringing all of the relevant information together for easy access. Convenient summaries for each algorithm include model manufacturer, FDA product code, body area, modality, predicate devices, product testing and evaluation related to product performance, and clinical validation.

As SARS-CoV-2 Mutates, AI Algorithms Try to Keep Pace

For example, AI helped researchers identify which segments of a virus’s genetic code are most likely to change, and how some mutations might affect its physical structure.

Danish Regulator Drafts Criteria For AI, Machine Learning …

The Danish Medicines Agency has prepared a list of questions that can help ascertain whether companies using AI/machine learning algorithms to support their processes are complying with various good practice requirements.